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200 Free Websites

For Charities, Churches and Mosques

To celebrate the launch of Creatus Agency, we are giving away 200 free website designs to any charity, church or mosque (or any place of worship).

Free* 5 Page Web Design

Your website will have 5 pages, each one finely tuned to suite your organisation.

Free* 1 Year Domain Name

Your website will need a domain name to go along with it. We’ll give you one for free!

Free* 1 Year SSL Certificate

With your brand new website, you’ll need to make it secure for your users. That’s what an SSL Certificate is for!

Free* Logo Design

If you don’t already have one, we’ll design you a brand new logo. Just to make sure you’re looking sharp!

Free* Contact Form

Having a Contact Us page, with a fill out form, can make it easier for your supporters to get in touch with you.

Free* Google Maps Integration

We will integrate Google Maps onto your site, so that your supporters can find you with ease!

Fill out the form below or call us on 07591530589 to get your free website off the ground. It’s first come – first serve!

*Website hosting is not included with this giveaway. This will cost £20 per month if you decide you want a free website design*


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